SCAFFRAME is Rapid Scaffold’s original Frame Scaffold system and has been tested by TestSafe Australia (A DIVISION OF WORKCOVER ) and certified HEAVY DUTY (SUITABLE FOR BRICKLAYING) to a height of 30 meters with 10 levels of metal planks including 3 working platforms rated as heavy duty in accordance with AS/NZS 1576.3 :1995 clause

 Measurement Choices:

1. 780 mm wide (3 planks deck), which allows for narrow side boundary access and problem width areas (certified up to 20 meters high).

2. 1225mm width (5 plank deck) as well as a further one or two plank hop-up (certified up to 30 meters high).

scaffold hire Yatal Queensland

ScafFrame single deck for block layers

scaffold hire Yatal Queensland

ScafFrame on sloping ground